Finding a lawyer is a daunting task and it’s one you often have to deal with during an already stressful time. You want the best representation possible, but there are so many factors to consider. So, how do you go about choosing a lawyer? One option is to use an online lawyer directory like Avvo.

What is Avvo?

Avvo is a website that serves as a resource for people looking for high-rated lawyers. It’s a search tool to find well-reviewed lawyers nearby. Avvo was created by a lawyer, so it’s designed to provide users with all the relevant details they need to know when choosing a lawyer.

Avvo boasts a database of 97% of licensed US lawyers, meaning virtually every attorney you could work with is listed on the site. Lawyers’ profiles on Avvo include their reviews, license status, case distribution, professional details, and Avvo rating. All of the information you need when choosing a lawyer is compiled for you in Avvo’s comprehensive lawyer directory.

What is an Avvo Rating?

Each lawyer on Avvo has a rating on a scale of 1-10 that’s assigned to them by the site. A lawyer’s Avvo rating is determined by a wide range of factors including their education, level of experience, recognition within the legal community, disciplinary status, and client reviews. It’s another way to rank a lawyer besides client reviews.

How Does it Work?

Using Avvo is straightforward. They organize lawyers into a directory which you can sort by practice area and location. When you search for nearby lawyers, you’ll be presented with a complete list. From there, you can apply filters just like you would when online shopping.

You can sort lawyers by rating, choose to only view attorneys who have no history of professional misconduct, filter by experience level, and even focus your search on lawyers who speak a particular language. When you look at a lawyer’s Avvo profile, you can read through your potential lawyer’s reviews and resumé, and even check to see if they offer free legal consultations.

One of the most useful features on Avvo is that it shows you a breakdown of your potential attorney’s practice areas. That means you can see how often a lawyer takes cases like yours. This tool can help you to find an attorney who’s not only experienced but experienced in the right kind of law for you.

Once you’ve looked at the lawyers in your area who meet your search criteria, Avvo gives you several different ways to contact any lawyers you might want to work with. Because Avvo is a lawyer directory as much as it is a legal search engine, you can access their phone numbers and email addresses, visit their websites, or message them directly on the Avvo site.

Using Avvo to Find a DUI Lawyer in Massachusetts

Say you want to find a DUI lawyer in Massachusetts. On Avvo, there are nearly 140 DUI lawyers in Boston alone. Even with a lawyer directory to help you, that’s a lot of attorneys to search through. If you apply filters, though, you can narrow your search to focus on DUI lawyers who meet your specific criteria.

You can also use Avvo’s practice area breakdown to ensure that you’re choosing an experienced Massachusetts DUI lawyer rather than a general criminal defense attorney who may not have the same expertise in DUI cases.

If you’re overwhelmed by the process of choosing a lawyer, you can turn to Avvo for an informative lawyer directory that does all the heavy lifting for you. On Avvo, you can find an experienced local attorney with almost no effort, and you can be confident in your choice.