Finding an attorney can be an overwhelming task. When you’re dealing with a difficult legal situation, such as a OUI/DUI charge, you’re going to be stressed and in search of a well-reviewed lawyer who has the experience to guide you through the complicated legal process and who will work hard to ensure you get the best outcome possible on your case. It’s important to know what resources are available to you while looking for a lawyer. One useful option to leverage in your search is the website Super Lawyers.

What is Super Lawyers?

Super Lawyers is an attorney rating service with a database of acclaimed lawyers covering over 70 practice areas, including DUI, DWI, and OUI defense. Super Lawyers serves as a resource for individuals in search of high-quality legal representation, making it easy to sift through the many available options.

Super Lawyers has a multiphase selection process that allows them to thoroughly vet all of the lawyers they add to their database. If you’re looking for an experienced attorney, Super Lawyers can be a great tool to assist you in your search.

How Does it Work?

The selection process for Super Lawyers is extensive. Candidates must be nominated and cannot nominate themselves. They are then judged based on peer recognition and their professional achievements. Next, they are evaluated by a panel before moving into the final phase of the selection process, at which point they are either admitted to the Super Lawyers database or denied.

Super Lawyers ensures that the search results they provide to their users will be balanced by admitting a representative number of lawyers from small, medium, and large law firms.

How Do You Use Super Lawyers?

There are a few different ways to search for a lawyer using Super Lawyers. You can filter by the attorney’s name, by your location, by law firm, or by type of legal issue. If you’re looking for a OUI/DUI lawyer, for example, you might type in “DUI” and your zip code. This will provide you with a list of local DUI lawyers.

You can look at their profiles to see when they were admitted to Super Lawyers, where they obtained their law degree, and how long they’ve been licensed. You’ll also find a short bio detailing their legal experience and a link to their website.

For example, you might be in search of a OUI/DUI lawyer in Boston. After you enter your search terms, you’ll be presented with a list of all the attorneys in the Boston area who take DUI cases. If you were to click on Attorney James Milligan’s profile, you’d see that he’s been practicing law since 1998, and was selected to Super Lawyers as a Rising Star in 2013.

Lawyers are eligible to be named as Rising Stars if they’re under 40, or if they’re over 40 but have been practicing for under 10 years. A Rising Star is someone who has already achieved a high level of recognition in the legal field early in their career. Only 2.5% of nominated lawyers are named as Rising Stars.

After reviewing his profile, if you wanted to consider choosing Attorney Milligan to represent you, you could then navigate to his website for more information. You could read about him and his firm to assess whether he’s the right lawyer for you. You’d be able to see that his practice is DUI specific, as opposed to providing general criminal defense, and that he’s been focusing on DUIs exclusively for over twenty years. Just like that, Super Lawyers will have helped you find an experienced OUI/DUI lawyer to assist you while you navigate your legal difficulties.