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A first DUI charge in Massachusetts has the potential for severe consequences. It pays to get the right legal counsel immediately and exhaust all possible avenues of defense. Attorney Jay Milligan is one of the top-rated OUI attorneys in the state, with more than 20 years of exclusive practice on OUI cases and over 100 five-star reviews.

But you don’t need to bank on reviews alone. The results Attorney Milligan has earned for his clients will speak for themselves. Here’s just a small sample of the first DUI charges he’s beaten, and how he did it:

4 Ways Attorney Milligan Has Beaten a First DUI Charge:

Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. R.B.

  • Fitchburg District Court – Hubbardston Police
  • Charge: Operating Under the Influence, Speeding
  • Result: OUI—Not Guilty
  • How: A series of breath tests with results ranging from 0.092% all the way up to 0.101% BAC all exceeded the legal limit of 0.08% for Massachusetts drivers. Nonetheless, Attorney Milligan successfully demonstrated that the breath tests failed to follow protocols, and the results were thrown out. Eliminating the court’s strongest evidence made the case much easier to win at trial!

Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. M.P.

  • Quincy District Court – State Police
  • Charge: Operating Under the Influence
  • Result: OUI—Not Guilty
  • How: Sobriety tests are subjective evidence, relying on the judgment of the law enforcement officer that administers them. Attorney Milligan was able to use cross-examination of the state trooper to establish that the client was respectful, cooperative, and performed well or decent on some of the tests. This testimony (and the absence of an admissible breath test) created reasonable doubt and resulted in a verdict of Not Guilty. 

Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. G.S.

  • Wareham District Court – Bourne State Police
  • Charge: Operating Under the Influence, Marked Lanes Violation
  • Result: OUI—Not Guilty
  • How: The facts in the client’s testimony and the trooper’s testimony did not line up in this case. With corroborating testimony from a passenger in the vehicle as well as the client’s father, Attorney Milligan was able to emphasize the egregious discrepancies in the trooper’s testimony and earn a Not Guilty verdict for his client.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. S.H.

  • Plymouth District Court – Plymouth Police
  • Charge: Operating Under the Influence
  • Result: OUI—Dismissed
  • How: Even though the client admitted at the traffic stop to consuming three beers and failed all tests, Attorney Milligan persisted in his defense. On the date of the trial, the officer didn’t show up in court, and the case was dismissed. This is all the proof you need to see why every case is worth fighting to the end. A verdict of guilty is never guaranteed.

These are just a few of the many ways to beat a first DUI charge in Massachusetts. An experienced DUI/OUI attorney will know the intricacies of local OUI law and have plenty of tools to construct the strongest possible defense for your unique situation. For many years, Attorney Jay Milligan has used his extensive Massachusetts OUI defense expertise to earn the best possible results for his clients.  

Whether it’s your first DUI charge or a subsequent offense, past clients will be happy to tell you what they valued about working with Attorney Milligan:

“Jay is a consummate professional and instantly makes you feel confident you made the right choice. He knows the DUI laws inside and out and is quickly able to make clear exactly where you stand at every point during this stressful process. Most importantly, he equips you with the precise knowledge to make the best decision and obtain the best outcome you can. In the courtroom his experience shines and it’s obvious that he is well respected by everyone from the Judge on down. He always returned my calls promptly. Highly Recommended!”

— Brendan, 9/12/2019

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