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The Consequences of an OUI Conviction

In Massachusetts, a first offense OUI is a misdemeanor, which may not seem like a big deal, but Massachusetts has some of the most stringent OUI laws in the country. Individuals convicted of OUIs in Massachusetts can face up to two and a half years of jail time. While this is not a common consequence for a first offense OUI, it does happen. Even if you don’t face jail time with your conviction, OUIs carry a variety of serious penalties.

Monetary Penalties

OUI convictions are expensive. Many people who are charged with OUIs hesitate to seek legal representation because they’re concerned about the cost of an attorney. The truth is, retaining an OUI attorney is typically the more cost-effective option compared to being convicted. Why? There are extensive court and state-imposed fines and fees associated with an OUI conviction. These costs also don’t factor in the cost of alternative transportation while your license is suspended or the wages you could lose by missing work to attend court.

License and Driving Penalties

Massachusetts law dictates that anyone convicted of an OUI has their license suspended for a one-year period. While there are courses you can attend to lessen that time, they come with additional fees and other hurdles.

Additionally, as of 2020, the state requires anyone found guilty of an OUI to install Ignition Interlock Devices on all the vehicles they own or operate if there was a breath test of .15 or higher in order to get a hardship license. An IID is like a breathalyzer, requiring you to prove your sobriety in order to start your vehicle.

Lifestyle Penalties

In the state of Massachusetts, OUI convictions never fall off your record. This means that for the rest of your life, any time a potential employer or landlord performs a background check on you, your OUI conviction will show up. 

How an OUI Attorney Can Help

Without an attorney representing you, you’re unlikely to be able to successfully litigate your  matter to obtain a dismissal or a “not guilty” finding. If you’re not willing to risk the possibility of facing the harshest possible consequences for your OUI charge, hiring an OUI defense lawyer is highly recommended. Being convicted of an OUI is serious, but with a competent and experienced OUI defense attorney representing you, you can minimize the penalties you face or even successfully obtain a “not guilty” verdict.

Attorney James Milligan

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