It may seem as though an OUI/DUI case is cut and dry if you intend to plead guilty; a lawyer may seem superfluous. The reality is that no matter how you intend to plead, it’s in your best interest to always have legal representation for OUI/DUI charges. There are a few reasons why.

The Legal System is Complicated

For first offenders in particular, navigating the Massachusetts legal system can be confusing and overwhelming. You’re exposed to a lot of legal jargon that you may or may not understand. You’ll be expected to have certain materials with you for your court appearances. If you’re not familiar with the system, it’s difficult to prepare effectively to set yourself up for the best possible outcome. An experienced OUI/DUI attorney will be able to guide you through the court system.

You Can Minimize Your Sentencing

If you plead guilty, that means you’re admitting to an OUI/DUI and agreeing to be sentenced accordingly. Penalties are strict for a DUI/OUI in Massachusetts, particularly when it comes to potential jail time. When you plead guilty, you risk up to two and a half years in jail, a license suspension of as long as one year, a permanent conviction on your record, and between $500 and $5,000 due in fines.

When you face OUI/DUI charges with proper representation, you stand a significantly better chance of lighter sentencing. Because they’re familiar with the court system, your lawyer will be equipped to make persuasive arguments in your favor.

Convictions are Costly

Being charged with a DUI/OUI in Massachusetts is expensive. When you receive an OUI/DUI charge you can face several thousand dollars in fines, increased auto insurance rates, newly incurred alternative transportation expenses, lost wages due to missed work, and miscellaneous other related expenses. In fact, there are up to nine different fines you could be ordered to pay. Altogether, they can easily total over $7,000. Just as a lawyer can help to reduce the penalties you face when charged with a DUI, they can argue for lower fine sums to minimize your subsequent financial burden.

You Don’t Need to Plead Guilty

With an experienced OUI/DUI lawyer, pleading guilty isn’t necessary. Even a failed breathalyzer test is far from decisive when it comes to findings of guilt. You can avoid jail time, fines, license suspensions, and the myriad other consequences of an OUI/DUI conviction by working with an attorney. There are a variety of legal strategies and argument tactics available to defend against OUI/DUI charges.

Attorney James Milligan has been practicing exclusively OUI/DUI defense for over 20 years and has more than 100 five-star reviews. Contact him today for a free consultation to review your options. Regardless of how you choose to plead, Attorney Milligan is qualified to help you ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

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